ANNOUNCEMENT -- We have the option to adjust any contest settings whose descriptions (rules, voting & entering options) don't match what they actually have going on. Example, if you say in your rules the contest ends at a certain time but it ends earlier, we will adjust to match your rules. If you want to end your contest early that is entirely up to you but please be sure and change your rules so it says the same thing and your participants aren't confused or feel like they have been treated unfairly, if you don't we will make an adjustment to match your rules. If you have any questions or need help, please ask, I am more than happy to help.

NEW (October 2021) -- ADMINS -- in order for the sharing buttons below to share your contestants photo, do not upload a logo, if you do it is the logo that gets shared.

NEW (August 2017) -- Admin has the option to give free votes to newly registered members. You have the option to have specially priced vote bundles that can be turned off and on by admin throughout the contest as often as you like.

NEW (September 2017) For calendar contests specifically -- Admin now has the option to turn on or off a feature called "Star Of The Day", get a little extra in donations by offering the option for people to buy dates and guarantee a spot in the calendar for their pets!

I have been told by paypal that some iphones have paypal payment issues so if you can, PLEASE vote, enter and choose and pay for "Star of the Day" from your computer or tablet. If you DO use your iphone and there is an issue, please email me at and let me know what your issue was.

Use our easy contest software to create and run your very own photo or video contest. Simply click sign up, log in and create your contest, create two or three contests, there is no limit on how many contests you can run! All contests are hosted by us on our servers. To see some ongoing current contest click here.

If you are an animal rescue there is no cost ... ever, other non profits pay $50 a year and everyone else pays $200 a year for unlimited contests! Please see our FAQs for complete pricing guides and fees.

You create your contest site by filling in the content of the pages you want. Or if you prefer we can create your contest website for you, there is an additional $10 charge per contest for this, no charge for rescues.

Set up your contest any way you want, it is 100% up to you. You set your voting donation amount, entry donation amount or charge nothing, your contest rules and prizes are whatever you want them to be. All aspects of your contest are up to you! Your contest will be listed in the **Browse Contest list unless you instruct us not to list it.

We never take a percentage of what you raise, no other contest platform can say that, they all charge users a percentage of what they raise to use their software, not us! We have no control over fees charged by third parties however, for instance paypal may charge fees depending on what type of account you have with them BUT we never do.

What are you waiting for signup and set up your contest now!!

**Any sites to go in the Browse Contest list MUST be family friendly, this is determined by us, this decision is final. Any sites that have been approved & listed and then found to be inappropriate will be removed immediately.