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Total Raised $2,730.00
Thank you for visiting the Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc. voting page! It is time to vote for your favorite Schnauzer Booty! We're preparing the 2018 Schnauzer Love Rescue Booty Calendar, and the Calendar Committee needs YOUR help to decide which 13 shots should make the main pages! Your votes will decide which schnauzer bums or frog legs will grace the monthly pages and the front of our calendar. All votes are tax deductible. (As long as you Sign Up and Login at this site, we'll be able to email you a receipt for your donation at the end of the contest.) Vote for all your favorites! Ask your friends to vote for your schnauzers!

**Many other photos were submitted to the calendar, and the goal is to get them all on the pages in some place. The 92 in this contest were the photos submitted with a photo resolution high enough that they could be enlarged enough for a calendar page.**

#031 Jax
1st 282
#008 Bo
2nd 205
#089 Wally
3rd 187
#046 Minnie
4th 159
#033 Luli
5th 155
#021 Dolly Lama
6th 153
#065 Scooter
7th 144
#044 Maxx
8th 144
#042 Maiya & Cissy
9th 141
#064 Scooter
10th 136
#079 Jax N Micky
11th 133
#003 Ally & Stella
12th 133
#070 Hanna, Sophie and Mr Muggins
13th 132
#014 Casper
14th 132
#063 Rudy
15th 124
#041 Luke
16th 114
#093 Chloe
17th 110
#005 Annabelle
18th 81
#020 Discord
19th 64
#001 Abby
20th 57
#085 Sophie
21st 51
#062 Savannah
22nd 45
#076 Willow
23rd 40
#082 Bama
24th 39