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About the 2025 Calendar Contest
Thank you for visiting the Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc. voting page! It is time to vote for your favorite Schnauzer Picture! We're preparing the 2025 Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc. Calendar! The Calendar Committee needs YOUR help to decide which 12 shots should make the main pages! Your votes will decide which Schnauzer(s) will grace the monthly pages and the front of our calendar. All votes are tax deductible. (As long as you Sign Up and Login at this site, we'll be able to email you a receipt for your donation at the end of the contest.) Vote for all your favorites! Ask your friends to vote for your schnauzers!

The Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc. fosters are the real winners in this contest. Every dollar voted will be used to help pay for their medical bills and their care.


$1.00 donation = 1 vote
$10.00 donation = 11 votes
$25.00 donation = 28 votes
$100.00 donation = 115votes

**There are known issues with voting from idevices. Not always, but sometimes they just don't cooperate with this site. If you have a problem on an iphone or ipad, we suggest you try voting from a laptop or desktop. **
225 Liesel Burleson
1st 3268
352 Damron Kids
2nd 1794
058 Jackson Hawthorne as Maverick
3rd 1743
030 Eddie Van Halen & Maverick Kempf
4th 1586
277 Gustaf Hunter
5th 1420
292 Murphy Henderson
6th 1382
328 Mr. & Mrs. Rosie Aldridge-Morgan and Hans Long-Davis
7th 1351
294 Roscoe, Baxter & Rhett Butler
8th 1338
001 Chancer Rushlow
9th 1239
026 Mia Raven
10th 1179
329 Misia Mulholland
11th 1154
310 Nicky Parrish-Powell
12th 1151
267 Luca & Lexi Jodts
13th 1065
006 Cooper Rushlow
14th 970
316 Daisy & Lily McFadden
15th 770
195 Talon & Axel Johnson
16th 696
208 Presley Defranks
17th 616
144 Gypsy Heddins-Stinger
18th 535
156 Brandy Koplan
19th 492
207 Lucky Sears
20th 488
165 Elvin Preissle
21st 358
213 Sleepy Larkin
22nd 347
323 Sadie Parden
23rd 346
327 Beau Lickliter
24th 309