Once you have signed up for an account, login and click on the My Piggy Bank tab on the menu, you will see the vote purchase options on the page. Click on the vote option you want to buy and click the big blue Vote button. You will be taken to paypal, you can use your paypal account or use a credit card.

Once your transaction is completed, close the paypal window and you will be back at your account. Click the Piggy Bank tab again and your votes will be available to use, you can use them (some or all) right then or save some or all to vote later. The votes will remain in your account until you use them or the contest ends, all votes not used will be considered a donation.

If you prefer to send a check, we must receive your check by August 1st, once we have your check we will manually add the votes as quickly as we can to your account to be used. If we receive your check after August 1st, we may not have time to credit the votes to your account, if we don't it will be considered a donation.

Please send checks to:

ALT Magazine
101 Slaton Dr
Nash, TX 75569