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Enter your dog today for our Breeder Release Adoption Service Calendar Contest 2021!!

For only a $5 entry fee, your dog will be entered into our 2021 Calendar Contest. All entry fee proceeds go directly to B.R.A.S. to support our mission.

Photo Submission Period: Sept. 28 - Oct. 9

Photo Voting Period: Oct. 10 - Oct. 24

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The 12 photos with the most votes will receive a featured spot in our 2021 Calendar. Once again, this year, we will still incorporate ALL the submissions into the calendar. So even if your furbaby doesn't get a featured spot, their cute picture will still be in the calendar as part of a picture collage for each month.

**See the Rules tab at top right for Photo Submission & Voting Guidelines!**

If you have any questions, email Heather at

At Breeder Release Adoption Service, we provide help and comfort to those dogs who are being released from breeders for any reason, surrendered dogs who the owners can no longer care for, and dogs who are place on euthanasia lists in shelters. We educate the public on the importance of altering their pets, preventing euthanasia, and the need to rescue abandoned pets. Finally, we provide support for senior dogs, hospice dogs, cruelty prevention, and assistance during emergencies.

Petals On The Go!
1st 416
Little Miss Tia
2nd 359
Daisy: Winner of the Golden Ticket
3rd 305
Dani Maria
4th 301
Leelu Dallas Multi-pass
5th 293
Sammy Muery
6th 288
7th 283
Lenny Love
8th 263
9th 241
10th 241
"Vinnie" The Strong Cowboy Corgi!
11th 217
12th 213
13th 213
14th 107
Suki (BRAS Charisma)
15th 82
Clover Girl
16th 71
17th 69
Patriotic Finnegan ❤
18th 69
19th 66
Luna Grace
20th 59
Joey (Jo-Jo)
21st 54
22nd 49
Transforming from frightened rabbit to lovable pup
23rd 39
24th 38