Contest has ended
Total Raised $283.00
---- Starts October 15th 7PM until November 3rd Midnight ----

This is Cats Exclusive's 1st Halloween Photo Contest! We are hoping to make this an annual, fun, spooky event to raise funds to help us cover the veterinary care, food, and supplies for over 20 kittens currently in foster care as well the kittens ready to be adopted at our Adoption Center!

Each entry requires a $5 donation, costumes appreciated but not required! You can enter and vote throughout the contest as often as you like, all pets are welcome to enter, pets only, no people please. The three photos with the most votes will win a prize ... prizes to be announced soon! In case of a tie, the photo who got the winning vote first will be the winner, times of votes are recorded.

Voting Donation Prices

1 vote donation $2

2 - 15 vote donations are $1 each

16 - 40 vote donations are .90 each

41 and over vote donations are .75 each

so the more you vote the less it is!!

There is also a special bundle price that can be used a total of 5 times which is 100 votes for a $65 donation. Each person can use this 5 times and then it will no longer be available to them.

You can vote without signing up but if you want to buy votes to piggy bank and use later, or enter a photo, please register for an account.

To find out more about us, please visit our website!!

Captain Marvel
1st 107
2nd 75
To Bee or not to Bee?
3rd 58
4th 33
Family portrait ????
5th 25
Minky as a member of "Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club"
6th 7
One of the pharaohs
7th 6
8th 5
9th 5