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Total Raised $1,045.00

Cats Exclusive 1st annual Raffle Ticket Photo Contest
This year's theme: Quarantine time!
All Pets Welcome! (and people too!)

Send us your pictures and selfies of your pets (and people too!) during this Quarantine time. We feel that this Contest and Raffle will bring some joy and plenty of smiles.

Did you know that a smile releases Serotonin; a neurotransmitter that give us that happy feeling? Well, by entering your photos and voting for your favorite pictures you will get all health benefits a smile brings. There will be plenty of cuteness!!

You can enter as many photos of your pets as you want for a $5 donation per photo, any and all pets welcome. Photos can have people and pets or just pets, but each photo MUST contain a pet.

  • For $1 you get 10 votes, $2 you get 20 votes and so on.

  • For every $5 you spend you get 50 votes and a raffle ticket!

  • For every 50 votes a photo has, the owner gets one ticket for the raffle

Example: a photo has 150 votes; owner would get 3 raffle tickets. The cost is a $15 donation ($5 per raffle ticket).

Raffle tickets are only given for votes, not for photo entries.

Our raffle has many fabulous items for your and your pet to enjoy during these times and help Cats Exclusive in raising money for the replacement of cages for the adoption center.

So get those photos entered and get the family & friends to vote, for your photo!! Let's have some fun while we are stuck inside!

Contest runs from April 21st midnight through May 25th midnight ... Let's Have Fun!!

Note: Odd vote numbers will NOT get raffle tickets, if you have 90 votes when the contest ends you would only get 1 raffle ticket for the 50 votes, because 40 votes is not enough for a ticket, so spend that $1 and get the 10 more votes you need to get another raffle ticket.

Raffle ticket donations start on the 21st, but you can sign-up to enter your photos and buy and piggy bank votes to use once voting starts.

Angel Gabriel
1st 1532
Bella coming out of self quarantine
2nd 1000
Pets practicing safe distancing.
3rd 658
Victoria self isolating
4th 550
Self isolating......
5th 500
Social Distancing......
6th 400
Social Distancing
7th 284
Linton Bentley Harris
8th 268
Butch (inside) practicing social distancing with Simba, his outdoorsy friend
9th 250
Flowery Cat
10th 231
Quarantine Toe Beans
11th 205
Emma - My dumpling
12th 151
Sisters Forever
13th 130
Zoe Smiling For Everyone!!
14th 130
Oakley & Moose
15th 116
16th 105
Sleeping on the job!
17th 100
Break time......
18th 100
Young Shane
19th 82
Sometimes the world feels upside down
20th 80
Basket case
21st 80
Maui happy about the quarantine
22nd 71
The Cups
23rd 68
Your Postmates Is Arriving Soon
24th 66