NEW** You can now hold video contest!
NEW** You can now vote without registering for an account.

Prices & Fees
Our price list is as follows, includes unlimited contests:
Animal Rescues - $0 (never a charge)
Non Profits - $50 a year
Everyone Else - $200 a year
You Create & Setup Your Contest:
If you are creating and setting up your contest yourself we do not charge any additional fees, there may be additional fees associated with third parties like paypal depending on what type of paypal account you have, but we do not at this time charge any additional fees to use our software.

If prices change or any additional charges are implemented in the future all users would be notified well in advance.

We Create & Setup Your Contest:
If we create and setup your contest we charge a $10 fee for this service per contest that we set up for you, paid in advance of contest creation. No charge to animal rescues.

There is no limit on how many entries you can have in your contest or how long your contest runs.

There is no limit on how many contests you can run at one time or ever.

If we create your contest for you and you decide you want to try creating the next one yourself, go for it!! We will always be available to help in any way we can.

Contest Setup Rules
Basic information on how the platform works:

Getting Started
First - sign up for an account.
Second - log in to your admin area.
Third - click Create Contest. Enter the title (name) of your contest, click Create.
Fourth - click pages, on this page you add the content you will have on your Home, Rules and Prizes pages, the Log in & Sign Up pages are already filled in by default so you don't need to add anything to them. These are the basic pages you will need for your contest website, you can delete any you don't need or add any new ones that aren't provided.
Fifth - anytime you need to edit anything on your contest website click My Contests on the top menu, this will take you to your contest list and all the options for each contest.

We will have a more detailed tutorial soon and post it here. In the mean time if you have questions, please feel free to email us, we are happy to help!
Can I set up as many contests as I want?
Yes, you are allowed to set up as many contests as you want.
Who sets up the rules of my contests?
You set up the rules of your contest, you can decide if entering is free or if you request a donation for it.
You determine if voting is free or if you request a donation for it.
You decide how many times people can vote in a day, or per contest ect ...
You decide how long your contest goes on.
Every part of how your contest runs is your decision.
Happy fundraising!

Contest Features
Star Of The Day
If you are running a calendar contest, this is a nice feature to help raise a little extra money. You can offer the option on any of your calendar contests. You can offer your contestants the option to have their photo on a specific day of the month and make a little extra money by asking for an additional donation for this. We call this option "Star Of The Day".

Donation Intake Reports
In your admin area, you can see how much each individual donated to vote or enter your contest and how much your total donation intake was. For tax purposes and to thank your supporters, all the money you raised is easily accessible.