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Love alone doesn't save lives

Saving lives of stray dogs and cats and running an animal rescue center takes more than love cuddles, kisses and likes on social media.

It also takes a lot of money.

We can't continue our mission without generous people like you who support our project with donations.

What we do

HalfwayHouse 4 Paws is an animal rescue that runs the project help4strays on Koh Lipe / Thailand.

Our mission is to improve the living condition of all the homless cats and dogs on Koh Lipe and to prevent them from suffering due to overpopulation and diseases.

Therefore we provide frequent spay neuter clinics, enough food, medical care and diseases prevention for more than 400 stray dogs and at least as many homeless cats on the Island.

In addition we are running an Animal Rescue Center on Koh Lipe, where we care 24/7 for those strays who are seriousely ill or injured and who wouldn't be able to survive on the streets.

Calendar Photo Contest 2019

Joining our contest is a fun way to get involved and helps us to raise some of the additional funds that we desperately need to provide for the strays on Koh Lipe.

Every Euro that you donate goes straight to work helping the hundreds of strays on Koh Lipe.

They have no one else to turn to, therefore your support really matters.

Get a chance to have your furry friend featured in our 2020 calendar or even on the cover by entering now a photo of your pet.

Click on the link bellow to see how it works:


Little Finn
1st 11
Joey My Heart
2nd 6
3rd 6
4th 1
Lady Zhiba
5th 1
Mister Loui
6th 1
Chula the pit
7th 1