The Piggy Bank allows you to buy and store votes to use at a later date. You must create an account to use this feature.

Login to your account, click on My Piggy Bank on the top menu and enter the number of votes you want to buy in the white box.

Click Update Total button, the blue button right below it will update with the number you entered to buy. Click the blue button and you will be taken to your paypal account, login to your paypal and purchase the votes.

Close the paypal window once you have bought your votes and you are back at the contest, give it a few seconds for paypal to acknowledge the transaction and click My Piggy Bank on the menu again your votes will now be in your piggy bank.

Now go back to the home page, find the photo you want to vote for and fill the white box with the number of votes you want to use from your piggy bank. You can use some or all, split them between photos or save them for later use.

To see which entries you voted for, return to the Dashboard, then click My Votes.