Location & Background

  • Choose a location where your pet will be relaxed
  • Get down at eye level with your pet
  • Remove distracting things in the background
  • Generally, the more natural light, the better, and typically having the light source (the sun) behind you makes a better photo, too.
  • Photograph against a color that contrasts with his/her coat (i.e., if your pet has dark fur, photograph them against a light background and vice-versa)

It's in the eyes

  • Focus on your pet's eyes
  • Avoid photographing in low light situations where flash is required (and makes animals' eyes glow); instead, use natural light whenever possible

Patience is a virtue

  • Hang in there; it may take some time to get a great shot!
  • Enlist a helper to squeak toys near your camera to get your pet to look at the camera