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Total Raised $16,437.00
Show off your animal + Save others!

Enter our Pet Calendar Contest

Get your furry friend featured in HSHV's 2021 calendar while helping raise funds to care for the most vulnerable animals in our community.

It's easy! Take your best photo (horizontal/landscape/length-wise configuration, please!), submit it here, and get votes. All valid submissions will be printed in the calendar collage page, and the top 13 with the most votes (top 6 dogs, top 6 cats and top 1 other animal) will be featured on the months and cover of HSHV's 2021 calendar! See the rules + photo requirements page for more.

Submit a photo for just $30! With that donation, you'll enter the contest, be eligible to collect votes, and get a FREE calendar. Votes are $1 each, and while it might not seem like much, $1 can do a lot for a homeless pet! Ask your friends and family to vote for your photo, and they'll be helping in so many ways...the more votes you get, the more the animals win!

Pharaoh and Dixie
1st 1206
2nd 1023
3rd 845
Buddy loves summer!
4th 677
Cornelius & Edgar - Best Brother Friends
5th 668
JJ (floppy ear) & Bella, 2010-2020 - Brother and Sister White German Shepherds Together Again
6th 654
Milo the Snow Angel
7th 610
8th 561
9th 555
10th 532
Ms. Red
11th 515
Hondo waiting for a mouse
12th 502
Joey - HSHV Senior Alum
13th 501
Sweet Pea on the dock
14th 473
Gunner in the Summertime
15th 467
Felt cute, might delete
16th 445
17th 436
Cozy Emily
18th 332
19th 253
Miss Molly
20th 208
The Great Catsby Nap
21st 186
Mittens and Ginger
22nd 185
23rd 181
RBG dissents
24th 161