Taking a Great Photo of Your Animal

Location & Background

  • Choose a location where your animal will be relaxed

  • Get (down on) eye level with your animal

  • Minimize (remove) distracting things in the background

  • Generally, the more (natural) light, the better, and typically having the light source (the sun) behind you makes a better photo, too

  • Photograph against a color that contrasts with his/her coat (I.e., if your animal has dark fur, photograph against a light background and vice-versa)

It's in the eyes

  • Focus on your animal's eyes

  • Avoid photographing in low light situations where flash is required (and makes animals' eyes glow); instead, use natural light whenever possible

Patience is a virtue

  • Hang in there; it may take some time to get a great shot!

  • Enlist a helper to squeak toys near your camera to get your animal to look at the camera


How to Vote

  • Click on the photo you want to vote for.

  • Change the number of votes to the number of votes you want to donate.

  • Click Update Total, then click Vote which will take you to the PayPal payment screen (note: PayPal accepts all credit cards).

  • The number of votes applied to each photo updates immediately.

  • To vote for another photo, click on Home in the top right of the screen and select the photo you want to vote for.

Using the Piggy Bank

  • The Piggy Bank allows you to store votes for a later date.

  • Click on My Piggy Bank and enter the number of votes you want to allocate in the white box.

  • Click Update Total. The total # of votes will populate on the blue Vote button at the bottom of the screen. Click this button.

  • To see which entries you voted for, return to the Dashboard, then click My Votes.