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Long Island Bulldog Rescue was founded in 1999 by Laurette Richin.

Long Island Bulldog Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Our mission is to help English Bulldogs through education, prevention, intervention and adoption. We fulfill our mission by helping, healing, and homing abandoned, neglected, abused, or released English Bulldogs.

LIbby Mae Marshmallow S'More
1st 136
Cookie Monster & Rhino the Grouch
2nd 111
Stinkerbell the Littlest Angel
3rd 77
Olivia the “Good Witch”
4th 52
Free Charlie!
5th 37
Hi, I’m Tito! Wanna play?!
6th 28
Lady Bug Chloe
7th 22
Wonder Daisy
8th 21
'Chick Magnet'
9th 16
Barking Bad
10th 9
Charlie the Panda is ready for Halloween!
11th 8
Stephen King's pIT
12th 6
Batman Lou
13th 5
Darla the Turtle
14th 5
Game of Bones
15th 5