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Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue is run totally by volunteers located in NY, NJ, PA, DE, and parts of ME, MD, CT.

Our goal is to rescue Boston Terriers in need. NEBTR takes in about 200 dogs each year and vets every dog in their care. Some are in great need of life saving surgeries when they arrive, and NEBTR sees to it that they receive the care they need. Once a dog is healthy, and has been evaluated for temperament, NEBTR searches for the perfect forever home for that dog. Sometimes a forever home can't be found for the elderly and the blind, and NEBTR fosters them in loving homes for the remainder of their lives.

NEBTR can not continue to do it's good work throughout the northeast without donations. Vetting is very expensive, and it's where every donated dollar goes.

Please enjoy our 2020 Halloween Photo Contest, and remember that every dollar you donate at this event goes straight to paying vetting bills for dogs in foster at NEBTR.
Grumpy Girl Nurse Cocoa
1st 72
Bulbasaur, I Choose You!!
2nd 65
Stitchy Bear
3rd 58
Miss Pup Corn Button Louise
4th 50
I love ice cream sundaes!
5th 42
It’s me, Super Maxx!
6th 42
7th 38
Logan, Baby Shark
8th 29
Bostons Be Jammin'
9th 20
We’re not worthy!
10th 20
Wicked Sweet Cupcake!
11th 14
Some "pup"
12th 12
13th 10
I'm a pretty peacock!
14th 10
King George
15th 8