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Total Raised $7,843.00
2020 NorSled Calendar Cover Contest -Voting 7/1 - 7/31

You, your family and friends can vote as often as you like.Votes are $1.00 each with no limit to the number you can purchase.

The same pet can be entered into the contest multiple times, but votes will not be combined across multiple entries of the same pet.

Donations are non-refundable and tax deductible.

Voting Process

Click on the photo you wish to vote for.

Change the number of votes to the number of votes you wish to purchase.

Click Update “Total” then click “Vote” which will take you to paypal.

The number of votes applied to each photo is updated immediately.

To vote for another photo, click on Home in the top right hand of the screen and choose the next photo.

Piggy Bank

You can store votes in the piggy bank and apply to a photo or photos at a later date or whenever you want.

Click on the “My Piggy Bank” button and enter in the white box the number of votes you wish to purchase.

Click the “Update Total” button. The total number of votes will populate on the blue "Vote" button at the bottom of screen. Click this buttonto purchase via PayPal.

To apply votes at the same time as purchase, go to the Home page and choose the photo you wish to vote for and update the number of votes you are applying to that photo and click “Update” and “Vote” The votes will be deducted from your PiggyBank.

To see which entries you voted for, return to the"Dashboard" and then click "My Votes".

Photos can still be submitted until midnight July 7th. See website for details.

1st 2972
2nd 2600
Queen Bella.
3rd 440
Honey Suckle Bear
4th 265
5th 211
Snowdog Sydney in Tahoe
6th 106
7th 72
Mr Stoli
8th 63
Windows to the Soul
9th 61
Zya hiking in the Sierra Mts
10th 40
11th 29
12th 27
Elsie with a ball at the beach - life's a peach!
13th 21
Aurora and Ocean - NorSled Sisters
14th 16
Grayling and Coco
15th 15
Springtime with Jax
16th 15
Chilling Out Maxing Relaxing All Cool
17th 7
She knows
18th 7
Nola - Beach Stalker
19th 6
Snow Pups
20th 5
21st 5
Joey on guard
22nd 4
Sweet Pea
23rd 4
Sweet Pea
24th 4