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This is a fundraiser for the 2021 NorSled Calendar cover. As we have had to cancel our in person fundraising events, this online fundraiser is even more of a focus this year. So please support us by submitting your entries and voting! Don't forget to get your family and friends involved in the voting.

Thank You!

The Boys Take Pt. Isabel
1st 1809
I didn't do it, I swear
2nd 1288
Did you say treat?
3rd 1175
Happy Honey
4th 816
Where's the Snow?
5th 473
Miss Molly at the Park
6th 340
Wolf and Siberian friends
7th 330
Snow Dog
8th 318
My calendar pose
9th 247
Dog Tired
10th 192
Finn (formerly TJ)
11th 126
Life is good in a forever home!
12th 101
Sweet Harlie Girl
13th 97
Maintaing Her Innocence
14th 88
Holiday Spirit - Mmmm More Cookies
15th 76
16th 61
Two heads are better than one
17th 57
Oh Hey There
18th 51
19th 51
Nothing to see here
20th 51
Husky Idol - Just Sydney
21st 47
R.I.P. Zane
22nd 47
The Halloween Costume
23rd 32
Nothing like fresh snow!
24th 30