You may vote for your own entry.

Anyone can vote, so get your family and friends to vote.

The same pet can be entered into the contest multiple times, but votes will not be combined across multiple entries of the same pet.

Votes cannot be changed once submitted.

Voting will determine the winner!

Voting Process

Click on the photo you wish to vote for.

Change the number of votes to the number of votes you wishto purchase.

Click Update “Total” then click “Vote” whichwill take you to paypal.

The number of votes applied to each photo is updatedimmediately.

To vote for another photo, click on Home in the top righthand of the screen and choose the next photo.

Piggy Bank

You can store votes in the piggy bank and apply to a photoor photos at a later date or whenever you want.

Click on the “My Piggy Bank” button and enter in thewhite box the number of votes you wish to purchase.

Click the “Update Total” button.The total number of votes will populate onthe blue "Vote" button at the bottom of screen. Click thisbutton to purchase via PayPal.

·To seewhich entries you voted for, return to the "Dashboard" and then click"My Votes".