Contest will end on July 31st, 2022 - 18:00 [PDT]
Total Raised $1,150.00
It's Here!
It's that time again to get those cute photos of your NorSled dog(s) entered in the 2023 calendar cover photo contest. Submit photos through July 15th. Sign up to start submitting your photos!

Voting begins July 1st - July 31st.The winner will be featured on the cover of the 2023 calendar. Runner ups will be included in the calendar.

Photo Time!

Beginning June1st and running until midnight July 15th you will have the opportunity to submit photo(s) of your dog(s) for the 2023 Calendar cover photo contest.

Entries for submitted photos runs from June 1st - July 15th (8:00 pm)

Each photo submission is $10 and non-refundable.

You must create an account to enter a photo.

Voting is July 1st to July 31st (8:00 pm).

Go to the rules tab to see how to vote.

Miss Molly smells the flowers at the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden
1st 130
Ready for my closeup!
2nd 100
Miss Molly at Coyote Creek Community Garden
3rd 100
Sunset in Sedona
4th 100
Slumbering Canyon
5th 55
Did you say “Cookie’?
6th 55
Zephyr in the fall
7th 50
Smokey Snow Smiles
8th 35
Joey loves Lambchop
9th 30
An Old Husky in Some New Snow
10th 0
11th 0
Running free Isla
12th 0
Best Friends
13th 0
Waiting for Mom
14th 0
Doggie Dreamland
15th 0
16th 0
The chasing game is on
17th 0
Just Chillin'
18th 0
Husky Alert!
19th 0
Outstanding in her field
20th 0
Ready for her close-up
21st 0
Rosie Has Something To Say
22nd 0
Totally Crate Trained
23rd 0
Queen of the Hill
24th 0