Contest will end on July 31st, 2024 - 20:00 [PDT]
Total Raised $2,311.00
About The Contest

How would your dog look on the cover of the 2025 NorSled Calendar? Not only will you have bragging rights, but your pup can also become a star on the cover. We sell about 230 calendars every year. Your dog will be a star in many homes. Plus, the funds raised for this contest goes to the care of the dogs we rescue like. That’s pretty awesome! So please consider entering, we love seeing the photos and the more unique the better! We want this to be a very successful event. Thanks!

Pond Pup!
1st 600
2nd 250
A Day at the Beach
3rd 184
I Don't Need No Tennis Racket
4th 165
Sir Blitz
5th 133
Beautiful Sasha
6th 133
7th 120
Magnificent Husky KimoSabi
8th 75
Golden Hour
9th 35
10th 31
Dirty Miss Molly in Mission Bay, San Diego, Ca
11th 26
Kali Sleighs in Winter Wonderland
12th 25
13th 21
Slip Sliding Away
14th 18
Snowy Escape
15th 16
Glamour Shot
16th 12
Vallentine's Sweetheart Miss Molly
17th 11
Naya in the snow
18th 11
She's behind me, isn't she?
19th 10
Even More Fun Without A Sled
20th 10
Miss Molly with the Tongue!
21st 10
Miss Molly in Pink
22nd 9
It's SUPERDOG!!!!!
23rd 6
Lotus & Gambit
24th 6