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Project Freedom Ride's "Lovely Couple" Photo Contest
Show off the love you have for your pet all while supporting a great cause! Simply submit your favorite photo with your pet, receive the most votes and win!! Photo entries are $5 and each vote cost $1.

sign up for an account, in your "admin" section you will be able to upload your entry. BE SURE TO COMPLETE YOUR SUBMISSION by paying at the time of the entry with PayPal or a Credit Card.

** Note this website prefers photo entries come via computer, vs a phone, otherwise it might not complete the PayPal portion of the entry so we can approve it for voting. If you need to submit an entry via phone you can email us the photo with the pertinent information (first name, last name, address, email, and phone number) and proof of a $5 donation and we can upload it for you! ** Please note all photos are reviewed and and approved prior to going live which may cause a delay. **

** Additional note: We do not keep or share your personal info **

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words
1st 527
Roman the pig
2nd 410
Tilly and I “hamming” it up
3rd 90
Emma, my angel dumpling
4th 39
Back @Ya
5th 30
Snuggle Bug Scarf Eddy
6th 30
Pittie Love❤️
7th 30
Baby Mittens
8th 24
My 3 Sons
9th 20
Fenway <3
10th 14
Let's ride!
11th 5
12th 5
Lily's look of love
13th 1
Jean Franc
14th 0
15th 0
16th 0
Unconditional love❤
17th 0
Luna's first visit to the OBX
18th 0
19th 0
Ace & Giant Redwood
20th 0