Contest will end on June 26th, 2022 - 22:00 [EDT]
Welcome to PitBullary's 2023 Photo Calendar Contest! Please consider entering and sharing your family dog's photo to further help those in need. This fundraiser is one of the largest and most joy-bringing contests we hold! We love seeing your furry family members, and so does the public! These calendars help increase the public's positive perception of Pit Bulls, and we LOVE that.

Sign Up and receive TEN (10) FREE votes that can be used to vote on any photo!

Donate $75.00 (bundle price one-time donation) or more in votes and receive a copy of the calendar!

Please Note:

  • The contest is open to ALL altered, adopted, rescue, or shelter Pit Bulls or Pit Mixes (NO breeder dogs)
  • NO aversive training gear (choke chains, prongs, or electronic devices)

Clear, high-resolution landscape photos with nondistracting backgrounds work best. (we will work with portrait photos)

Selection of Photos
The top 8 photos will automatically be included in our calendar. The one with the highest votes will grace Pitbullary's 2023 calendar cover page and the 5 remaining photos will be chosen by PitBullary's volunteer team. That means EVERYONE who enters has a chance for a spot in our 2023 calendar!
1st 45
Junior and bella
2nd 22
Lilly and Phoebe
3rd 13
4th 10
Lucy Woo Woo
5th 0
6th 0