Contest will end on October 15th, 2020 - 00:01 [EDT]
Total Raised $428.00
2020 Po’Kitties Photo Contest

The money raised by the Po’Kitties Photo Contest will go to helping the animals, and their people, in our community. This year with the pandemic we could not have the Gala, but we still wanted to have the contest. As you can see, we are doing things a little differently this year, and we are so grateful for your support.

ENTER THE CONTEST: You can enter as many photos as you want for an $8 donation per photo. Photo must be of an animal, although people can be in it along with the animal. All animals are welcome -- dogs, cats, horses, goats, birds, cows, fish, wildlife, or any combination. If it is an animal, we want to see it!

The Grand Prize will be the "Best In Show" and there will be several smaller prize winners.

VOTE FOR COMMUNITY CHOICE: This year you can vote for your favorites for only $1.00 per vote! Vote as often as you like. Get your friends and family to vote too! You can use PayPal or write a check but make sure to mark it clearly.

So grab your camera and have fun, show off your animal photos, get your friends and family to vote, and help us raise money to save more lives!

1st 76
Dragon Slayer
2nd 76
3rd 60
New Beginnings
4th 21
Social distancing
5th 20
The Look
6th 16
I'm Free
7th 15
8th 15
Grey Cat Bird
9th 15
Just a cat and his Mom
10th 10
Supper time!!!
11th 10
Me-Noo, Me-Noo
12th 8
Zooming the sheep
13th 4
Life is a nap in the sun
14th 4
15th 3
Hope's winter 'noot
16th 3
One of the herd
17th 2
Me-Noo, Me-Noo
18th 2
Hope on Easter 7:23 AM 4-1-18
19th 1