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Total Raised $2,152.00
2021 Po’Kitties Photo Contest

Due to many requests and popular demand, we have decided to run the contest through the end of the month!! Hurry and get those votes in, you've only got a few days. Enjoy!

The money raised by the Po’Kitties Photo Contest will go to helping the animals, and their people, in our community. This year with the pandemic we could not have the Gala, but we still wanted to have the contest. As you can see, we are doing things a little differently this year, and we are so grateful for your support.

ENTER THE CONTEST: You can enter as many photos as you want for an $8 donation per photo. Photo must be of an animal, although people can be in it along with the animal. All animals are welcome -- dogs, cats, horses, goats, birds, cows, fish, wildlife, or any combination. If it is an animal, we want to see it!

The Grand Prize will be the "Best In Show" and there will be several smaller prize winners.

VOTE FOR COMMUNITY CHOICE: This year you can vote for your favorites for only $1.00 per vote! Vote as often as you like. Get your friends and family to vote too! You can use PayPal or write a check but make sure to mark it clearly. We must have checks by Oct. 25th to make sure we have time to post to your account and you have time to use your votes.

So grab your camera and have fun, show off your animal photos, get your friends and family to vote, and help us raise money to save more lives! ** Any votes not used will be considered a donation.

Best Buds
1st 428
The Diva Princess
2nd 419
Winter stylin’
3rd 90
Raisin - That mouse was really good!
4th 87
I Love You
5th 76
Jazz and Tess
6th 41
Maxwell's Baby Picture
7th 36
Miss Taylor
8th 27
Emma (my angel)
9th 26
She's a Diva
10th 24
Bert & Ernie
11th 22
Yammar - Life is Good!
12th 22
Max and his new toy
13th 21
14th 15
Yammar and Max - Keeping an eye on the fish
15th 13
Fluff Butt
16th 12
17th 11
18th 11
Zuri and her foal Zurrasca Z
19th 10
Wizard - This is so humiliating.
20th 10
Look Into My Eye and Give Me Treats
21st 10
Let me ‘splain it to you
22nd 10
We are Family
23rd 10
Sweet Shirley
24th 7