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Total Raised $7,846.00

There Just Aren’t Enough Cat Photos on the Web. Let's Fix That!

The Average Joe Cat Photo Contest is an annual online celebration of cats and their quirks. Starting on Thursday, April 2nd, we invite you to enter (or vote for) YOUR favorite cat photos in our 2020 contest, powered by Make My Contest.

Winners will be selected based on the number of online votes they receive between April 2nd and April 30th and all proceeds will support Purrfect Pals. Let’s make this annual fundraiser a huge success so we can provide much-needed second chances for the many homeless cats and kittens who need our help!

HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE PHOTO CONTEST? Email us at or call 360-926-8494.

Happy Thing
1st 1356
Misty & Pippin
2nd 858
3rd 695
Happy 15th Birthday Tiny Man!
4th 429
Audrey & Alice
5th 283
Our Purrfect Pals Kitty Tasha <3
6th 251
Lina the Receptionist
7th 226
Bacon Bits (Bathroom Supurrvisor)
8th 185
Ringo's 17, last day.
9th 178
Olivia's Sunflowers
10th 167
In Memory Of Our Beloved Libby Girl
11th 157
In Loving Memory of Tessa Ann
12th 107
13th 106
Tock - Kathy's Best Friend
14th 103
Isis - Shadow Kisses
15th 103
16th 82
17th 81
Sophie Windchime
18th 79
Who, me?
19th 73
My Frank Sinatra
20th 71
Just, Boots
21st 70
22nd 63
23rd 51
Magnolia and Elliot
24th 51