Contest has ended
Total Raised $6,190.00

The Average Joe Cat Photo Contest is an annual online celebration of cats and their quirks. Starting on Saturday April 3rd, 2021 we invite you to enter (or vote for) YOUR favorite cat photos in our 2021 contest, powered by Make My Contest.

Winners will be selected based on the number of online votes they receive between April 3rd and April 30th and all proceeds will support Purrfect Pals. Let’s make this annual fundraiser a huge success so we can provide much-needed second chances for the many homeless cats and kittens who need our help!

Our 2021 goal this year is: $8,000.00

HAVE QUESTIONS? Email us at or call 360-926-8494.

Emmylou the Explorer
1st 1009
Felix the Confused
2nd 626
Alice & Audrey Go Bananas
3rd 431
4th 259
5th 228
Myu-Myu Turns 21 This Year!
6th 195
In Memory of Scarsdale
7th 180
MaineCoon Kittens
8th 165
The Sweetest Duo
9th 134
One Cheesy Girl
10th 110
In Memory of Kaylee Bug
11th 106
Sleepy Slinky
12th 103
Gwen’s Throne
13th 90
Sapphire. Taking my pic again?
14th 85
Senior sweethearts
15th 82
16th 66
Doug the Bunny
17th 66
Princess Grumpy Face
18th 61
Daisy The Executive Assistant!
19th 57
I've got my eye on you
20th 54
Loofah! B.C.E.!!! (Best Cat Ever!!)
21st 52
Do you see what I see???
22nd 51
Slumber time
23rd 51
Nothing better than a cat hug
24th 51