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Enter your pet today for our 2022 Community Calendar Photo Contest! For only a $10 entry fee, your pet will included in our 2021 calendar. Once entered, invite your friends and family to vote for your pet to be featured on our cover. Votes are $1 each (Voting fees discounted if purchasing 26 or more votes in a singe transaction). The top finisher will be featured on the cover and the 11 runner-ups will be featured each month (see Rules & Prizes).

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND -- "Star of the Day". For $10, your pet's picture will be featured on a day of your choosing. Click the "Star of the Day" link above to enter!

If your pet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and you'd like your entry to be featured on our Memorial Wall, please write "Memorial Wall" on the entry.

Solano County Friends of Animals is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the number of homeless, unwanted and abandoned pets in Solano County, California through foster-to-adoption services, TNR (trap-neuter-return), and helping the community with spay/neuter options. We are a 100% volunteer foster home based organization. All of our animals that we take in are kept until a suitable home can be found. Proceeds from this fundraiser will help fund our spay/neuter programs and provide veterinary care for our foster animals.

Hello 'Dolly'
1st 930
Eddie, Maddie and Truman
2nd 226
3rd 220
4th 210
Zelie - Try these on for size?
5th 192
Queen Zelie Reigning Over Her Subjects Pippin 'n Piper
6th 180
Lana the love bug!
7th 169
Tilly in Heaven's Love
8th 154
Truman and Maddie
9th 150
Don’t tell the boss
10th 145
Jesse and kittens
11th 142
Dakota and her bunny
12th 140
Mysti and Thor
13th 121
14th 83
Bear and Aries
15th 47
Rizzo Rosé
16th 37
17th 33
Miss Mailey
18th 30
Wally the Polydactyl
19th 27
20th 21
Lillian aka Dinkus
21st 21
22nd 20
Memorial Wall-Mimzy
23rd 20
24th 14