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Show Us Your Kitties!

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, SHOW US YOUR KITTIES! Share your BEST cat photo for a chance to win some GREAT prizes!

Chunky, svelte, old, young, fluffy or sleek - We love them all!

Contest Rules, Prizes and Our Amazing Sponsors).

Based out of Springfield, IL, Illinois Humane is an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501c3 organization working to create better lives for animals. We are an ALL-volunteer organization.

Our work is multifaceted. First and foremost, we take in homeless, injured and abused animals and work diligently to find each a wonderful new home. We also investigate cruelty complaints. When necessary, we will take actions to remove any animals in danger. In doing so, we frequently incur substantial medical rehabilitation costs of those animals. We do not have a physical shelter. The animals in our care are housed in a network of foster homes. Lastly, we also take to heart youth enrichment efforts that will result in tomorrow’s adults making better decisions regarding animal welfare.

Our “Dream Team”
1st 118
Phoenix the rising star
2nd 106
There there
3rd 57
Anya the Gnome
4th 42
5th 38
Meelo & Max
6th 20
Harley- Best Cat Ever!
7th 18
Going fishing
8th 13
In the sun
9th 11
What’s In Here?
10th 11
Baby - Me Sweet
11th 9
12th 8
Let’s help mom do laundry!
13th 6
Cat Gathering!
14th 6
No, we didn’t give the cat any cheese
15th 6
Jungle Cat
16th 5
Mr. Hank
17th 4
Don’t wake me
18th 3
Our Sophia
19th 3
Leela is a Secret!
20th 3
Miss Sophie
21st 3
Aria at Rest
22nd 2
All 3 of our Furries
23rd 1
24th 1