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Total Raised $71.00
This contest is a fundraiser for All Paws on Deck Inc. We raise money to help various animal rescues around the country. Why do we need money?

- A website, $200

- Liability Insurance, $1K

- Transportation and Veterinary fund, $1k

How do I participate?

Upload your video to YouTube

Sign up / register here.

Paste the link to your video

Submit. Invite your friends to vote! The video with the most votes, win!

Who else wins? Lot's of dogs who will have access to treats, toys, medication and more! You just might go VIRAL ! Woof woof!

Fall Fun!
1st 70
2nd 45
Molly does BANG BANG
3rd 30
Molly agility skill at 15
4th 6
Charlotte tearing up Joe
5th 5
Oakley in slo mo
6th 5
Artemis Snores Like a Cartoon Character
7th 5
Q &A with the pups
8th 0
Momma got to go to work
9th 0